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Ormiston Trust

peter-murrayOrmiston Trust is proud to be the sponsor of Ormiston Forge Academy.

The Trust aims to create a network of inspirational and inclusive academies who share the same values. The network will provide transformational learning and the highest levels of achievement for students and the communities in which they live.

Ormiston Forge Academy is a valuable member of our network of inspiring schools and academies. I have always cared for providing the very best learning opportunities for young people. Everyone at this academy shares this passion and together we will ensure that it gives our children the best environment in which to learn and enjoy.

I know you will share my belief that Ormiston Forge Academy is an exceptional place to learn in, irrespective of your age or ability; we have much to offer.”

Peter Murray, Chairman of Ormiston Trust


Ormiston Academies Trust

Ormiston Forge Academy is also part of the Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) network of academies.

OAT is a not for profit sponsor of primary and secondary academies. Our vision is for all young people to have the highest academic, social and practical skills to allow them to lead a fulfilling life. We are determined to become the Trust that makes the biggest difference.

OAT now has a family of academies across England. We believe that every school and community is unique, so we do not impose a ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching and learning. Our academies are encouraged to respond to the needs of their students and their community. We support our academies to share good practice and are committed to giving their staff increased opportunities for professional development.

An Ormiston academy:

  • Shares its talents and best ideas with others in the network
  • Collaborates with a network of academies from across the UK
  • Improves results with the help of a dedicated school improvement team
  • Has access to expertise including marketing and PR, finance, ICT and HR at a low cost
  • Develops its own unique personality
  • Gets good value for money from its expert services
  • Is not alone when Ofsted visits
  • Works with a sponsor that invests in the future of education
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